Who is God to You? Who Do You Say He Is?

The question about Who is God? is most impactful to the one asking when the answer has direct and personal implications.

In other words, What difference does it make to me if I knew just who God is?

After checking out a bunch of evidences for God and words about or even from Him, there has to be a next step for every person. Who do you say God is – to you?

He wants to be your God! To give to you out of His bounty of love, peace, joy, forgiveness, eternal life, and all the good your heart desires.

Starting when you turn to Him and receive His life… and proceeding on and on.

Here is a bit more scientific answer:

Who is God?According to Christianity, God is the self-existent One, having no need of being created, since He has existed forever and is the cause of all things, including the dimension of time, to which He is not subject see If God Created Everything, Who Created God?. Likewise, God is not subject to the physical creation, but is spiritual in nature, residing in the spiritual dimensions of heaven. God’s power over the physical creation is absolute, such that He can manipulate matter, energy, space, and time at will. For this reason, God is said to be all powerful—able to accomplish any possible task He wills to do. Along with being all powerful, God is also all knowing—having knowledge of all things that are possible to be known, including the entire history of the universe—past, present, and future. Because God is all powerful omnipotent and all knowing omniscient, He is also able to be present at all places at all times omnipresent. God is also all loving—according to the Bible, “God is love” 1 John 4:16. The love of God prompted Him to create human beings in His image, in order to share His love with us. The Christian scriptures say that we can fulfill the entire law of God by loving Him and loving our fellow human beings Matthew 22:37-40. God is absolutely holy—without any moral or character defect. In fact, the Bible says that God is incapable of doing any evil, despite being all powerful. God is unchangeable. In other words, He does not change any of His attributes or character at any time. Despite humanity’s tendency to change its definition of morality, God’s moral character does not evolve with the times, but remains constant.via Who is God?.

Being Alone Can Feel So Lonely

Lots of us have struggles with feeling lonely. I have my share of those feelings.
Being alone can make a person feel alone.
And it isn’t always because no one else is physically around.
Some of the loneliest times for me have been with people around who did not speak back to me when I’d say “Hi”  or even acknowledge that I was in the room.

When I focus on me and my feelings, bad just gets worse.

Did you ever read the Psalms and see lots of poor me feelings being poured out before God…
and then somewhere the writer who is often David would change his focus and start acknowledging how great is his God!?

If I can put my focus on God, my self talk changes. Now it’s not about how bad off I am, but about how blessed I am to be in such a close relationship with my perfectly Loving God. My list of His awesome attributes is so encouraging that even mentioning them will lift me up.

When my sentences start with “I…”, the best thing I can do is stop right there and change to the prayerful “God, You…”. Then later I can come back to me as the beloved child.


***   “QUOTE”   ***

I am really struggling perhaps involving depression. [Reader describes
personal circumstances here; removed for privacy sake] I am not involved
with any group church or whatever as I don’t have any desire to get out
like that. I am a strong/devoted Christian and that is what keeps my
head above water. I worry what will become of me when I am living here
alone, my greatest worry. I am so lonely. Are there web sites, blogs of
folks who are where I am?


Get up. Right now. This minute. Don’t wait.  Get up, get out. Get
involved in investing your life in other people. Help at nursing homes.
Help with needy kids. Minister at Church. Serve and help others. Find,
and get involved, with people who are DOING SOMETHING WITH THEIR LIFE
(as opposed to finding other people “in your situation” where you can
engage in a group pity party).

I’ll state this confidently:
the number one cure for
run-of-the-mill “blues” (depression) is to quit
focusing on yourself and focus on serving others.

via Question: I’m Lonely & Struggling. What Can I Do? — SeriousFaith.com – Brent Riggs.


Why am I here?          God made us… to make us an offer.
What kind of offer?    The gift of His perfection and never ending life.
A really free gift?        Jesus Christ, the Son of God, paid the price of His life. So, it’s free.
I am alive now.           Humanity is selfish. Selfish acts are sinful, destructive, and end in death.
Everyone dies.            Physical life will end.  The spiritually alive in God will never die.
What do I do?             Agree with God. Turn from sin. Accept the offer of His gift of forgiveness
and life and love. And God will take you from there.

Believe…  Accept…  Trust…  Receive…  Walk with…  Live from…         GOD our Maker

A Christian Understanding of “Who is God?”

We’d like to know… Who is God?

We start with an idea about God,
or some god we can deal with.
Or we wonder who the real God is.

God WANTS to show us and even
personally relationship with us.

Listen, look around, seek Him, read His written Word the Bible.
It is the God of the Bible who IS love, joy, peace, life, and more.

He is drawing you to Himself.
Don’t turn away from the One who IS all you want.


As we seek to explain reality, the world around us, and ourselves, man is forced to confront some understanding of God, even if it is a concept of God that he subsequently rejects and repudiates. Even the atheist has some concept of God that he denies. The development of an understanding of God is a necessary starting-point for the cosmic consideration of human understanding.

God can only be known to the extent that He reveals Himself. “No man has seen God at any time” (John. 1:18), but God has revealed Himself in His natural creation (cf. Rom. 1:20), as a Personal God to His people (cf. Exodus 3:14), and subsequently revealed Himself supernaturally in the incarnation of His Son, Jesus Christ (cf. John 1:14; 14:9; Luke 10:22). Our understanding of God is not a result of independent human reasoning having set out to find God and figure Him out. Our knowledge of God comes only by means of, and must be derived out of, His own Self-revelation. We must allow God to determine our understanding of Himself, and that by His own Self-revelation.

via A Christian Understanding of God.

I Feel Empty Inside – How Can I Fill Up?

I Feel Empty Inside – How Can I Fill Up?

No one wants to be Empty Inside.
So we want to fill up with something. Anything.
But not everything has the final results we want.
Even in the Bible we see that not everyone fills what is empty inside the same.

Some were filled with JOY…
Acts 13:52
And the disciples were continually filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.

Some were filled with rage…
Acts 19:28
When they heard this and were filled with rage, they began crying out, saying, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”

Filled with love…
Ephesians 3:19
and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.

Not by merit. But, the gift of grace…
John 1:16
For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.

There is a vulnerability when feeling empty inside.
Don’t try to fill up on what will leave you empty in the end.
If it won’t take you where you want to go,
fill up on Joy and Love and Peace.
You may not have all that, but God does.
And He is giving Himself away as a gift to anyone who humbles himself and asks.

This is BIG!
Ephesians 3:19
and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.

Your emptiness inside is God’s voice to you.
He knows nothing else will satisfy.
Only God can fill the desire inside to be filled up
with all the fullness of God.


Ephesians 3:18-20New American Standard Bible NASB18 may be able to comprehend with all the [a]saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, 19 and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God. 20 Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us,

via Ephesians 3:18-20 NASB – may be able to comprehend with all the – Bible Gateway.

I Feel Empty Inside
by oddsock under CC BY  with helpmefindgod.org


What is God Like?

God is like…


God wants to include you.
Love can’t demand. So He invites. You.


The Bible teaches us that in all existence, from all eternity, there has been and always will be only one God. God was never created, is completely loving, completely just, completely holy, completely merciful, and that He desires the best for us. God is holy and He can have nothing to do with sin as the Bible says, “His eyes are too pure to look upon evil,” (Hab. 1:13). This does not mean that God cannot see what someone does that is wrong. It is a way of describing how holy God is. God cannot sin. He is perfect.

via Who is God? | Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.

Why Did God Allow Evil?

Why Did God Allow Evil?

Even the question is a recognition that evil is not consistent with the character of God.
So evil does not come from God.

Evil does come from the Evil One.
Evil is everything that does not come from God.

Satan the deceiver and destroyer generates sin out of his character and expresses that evil/sin through humans who have not turned to receive from God.
Humanity does not recognize the evil within themselves as quickly as they see the evil in others.

Why is there evil?
Do you want things your way?
So do others.
There is the conflict!

From the vantage point of humans living without God:
It just seems like me getting my way. Getting what I want. And that’s ok with me for me.
But it’s not okay for anyone who would oppose me.
That’s when I don’t understand how God could allow evil.

God transforms people to live from Love in place of selfishness and self interest.
Expressing the character of God.

Love does not force itself on others. Love offers itself.
God allows evil because God is Love and He allows choice.

Choose God and you choose against evil. And for good.


John’s perspective of the “either/or” of spiritual realities allows him to address more clearly the origin and operation of evil as derived from the Evil One. This first epistle of John has perhaps the most defined theodicy of all the New Testament literature. Theodicy (derived from theos, meaning “God”, and dike, meaning “justice”) is the attempted explanation of the just attitude of God toward evil and all that is not consistent with His character of good. Theodicy pertains to the so-called “problem of evil”, and the questions often posed concerning: “Where does evil originate? or “Why does a just God, a good God, allow evil in the world He created?”

John seems to clearly indicate the diabolic etiology of all character that is not consistent with the character of God. “He who sins derives what he does from the devil” (3:8). Much of evangelical thinking has been steeped in the humanistic fallacy of human self-generation of character in behavior; i.e. that man generates his own sin, evil and unrighteousness (even though they often deny that man can generate his own righteousness). The ill-defined theodicy of evangelicalism has been unwilling to accept the premise stated by John, that Satan, the devil, the Evil One, the deceiver, the destroyer is the personal spiritual source and origin of sin, unrighteousness, evil, death, etc.

via Untitled Document.

Why does God allow evil?
by wonderferret under CC BY  with helpmefindgod.org



Saved by Grace for the Activity of Grace

We are Saved by Grace for the Activity of Grace.
Not just to sit on a shelf, be entered into a book (of the saved), or hide out for safe keeping.

God is always active and so is the life of those who participate in His activity made available to us by His Grace in Jesus Christ.

Just as God IS and God DOES out of who He is, we who have been Saved by Grace are joined to His God-is (more than God-like) being and doing.

The Christ-like living and loving of the Activity of Grace.


In regeneration the grace of God enacts His divine life within the spirit of an individual upon the response of faith. In such a conversion Christians commence to be “saved” by the grace of God. “We are saved through the grace of our Lord Jesus” (Acts 15:11). “He saved us and called us with a holy calling according to His purpose and grace which was granted in Christ Jesus” (II Tim. 1:9). “For by grace we have been saved through faith” (Eph. 2:5,8).

Simultaneously the grace activity of God in Jesus Christ effects the justification of the believer. We are “justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Jesus Christ” (Rom. 3:24). We are “justified by His grace” (Titus 3:7). Justification must not be considered as only a legal or forensic declaration of righteousness which God has “put on the heavenly books” to explain our “position” in Christ. A Biblical understanding of justification must always convey the ongoing activity of God’s righteousness in the Christian by His grace.

via Grace of God.

God the Father and Jesus the Son

“God the Father” is a relationship statement.

We understand God the Father in oneness with God the Son and God the Spirit.
There is ONE God and there is relationship within the essential oneness of the ONE God head.

And we are invited into oneness with God the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

Jesus the Son of God asks for those who believe in Him:
“…that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me.” John 17:21

Jesus prayer shows His desire that we enter into a loving oneness of relationship with God.

No one has to understand in order to participate. Being born as kids into a family here didn’t require a complete explanation and mental grasp.
Seek God. Listen for God’s voice. Trust God.
You can’t understand One who is so far beyond you that He speaks and creation happens out of Himself.
Join Him. Believe Him. Receive Him. He wants you.


This concept of God’s relational oneness was forced upon Christian understanding by God’s own Self-revelation. Jesus, the Son of God, came as Messiah, and declared, “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30).

Jesus’ statement indicates a plurality and a relationality in the Oneness of God… Jesus was not speaking of something that He and the Father had, but He said, “I and the Father are one.”

Later Jesus prayed to the Father for His disciples (and for all Christians), praying, “that they may be one, even as we are one” (John 17:22)… Jesus was obviously referring to a relational oneness.

Jesus was praying that His followers, all Christians, would function in a relational oneness in the one Body of Christ, in like manner as He and the Father functioned in relational oneness in the Oneness of the Trinitarian Godhead.

Christians have the privilege of participating in the inter-relational oneness of the Triune God, and expressing the interpersonal relationality of God’s Oneness.

… That “God is One” must refer to a relational oneness.

To illustrate this relational oneness, I will employ an admittedly inadequate analogy. My wife and I are married. The Biblical statement for marital union is that “the two shall become one” (cf. Gen. 2:24; Matt. 19: 5; I Cor. 6:16). Now, obviously, this is not a mathematical oneness. To express this colloquially, “she is she, and me is me,” but when “we are we,” we are one in the relational oneness of marriage.

via A Christian Understanding of God.

“Who is God?” Beats “What is God?”

Who IS God?

When Moses asked God who to tell the Israelites who had sent him…

“God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.'” Exodus 3:14

That’s God’s answer to the question.
Leaves a bit of mystery doesn’t it.
But He does continually reveal Himself to anyone with eyes to see.


The question “Who is God?” is a good question. It is better than asking “What is God?” This is because God exists, created us, loves us, is concerned for our being, desires to provide for us, and sent the Son to redeem us. If we were to ask “What is God?” we might be tempted to say that God is the infinite being, the creator, a presence, or something like that. In some respect, this would be true. But the first question brings us closer to understanding more of who God really is in His character and His love for us as revealed in the Bible.

via Who is God? | Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.

How You Can Change Your Life Forever!

Change my life!

My insides have cried out from the pain.
If I had a choice, I would have chosen to not be.

I look around and see lots of activity and noise.
Coping. Escaping. Drowning out the inner distress.
It all looks like living. Like changing life.
Changing the activities works on some level for a little while.
Not as long as the activity is repeated.
It becomes another motion to go through with the faded memory of once working.

To change the outer without changing the core is like
painting a rusty old tractor to bring it back to life again.
It doesn’t even look that good.

Trying harder. Doing different. Those things have this problem…
Temporary. Shallow. Can’t count on them.

Only change at the core will really do.
Only God can do that.
Jesus Christ made The Way to change my life!


I found out that I hadn’t gone off the deep end. My life was changed. I was once in a debate with the head of the history department at a Midwestern university, and I said my life had been changed. He interrupted me with “McDowell, are you trying to tell us that God really changed your life in the 20th century? What areas?” After 45 minutes he said, “OK, that’s enough.”

“Dad, I let Jesus Christ come into my life. I can’t explain it completely, but as a result of that relationship I’ve found the capacity to love and accept not only you but other people just the way they are.”

Right there my father prayed with me and trusted Christ for the forgiveness of his sins.

The life of my father was changed right before my eyes. It was as if somebody reached down and turned on a light bulb. I’ve never seen such a rapid change before or since.

A relationship with Jesus Christ changes lives.

via Ever say, ‘I hate my life’? How You Can Change Your Life Forever.